Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Steel Guitar Hands-On Experience

Try your hand at the Hawaiian steel guitar! See what it takes to play this instrument!

The Steel Guitar Hands-On Experience offers you a chance to see an instrument up close and learn how it is played. A trained specialist on the Hawaiian Steel Guitar will be there to guide your hands-on experience and answer all your questions about the instrument and what it takes to play it.

Hands-On Experience
Larry Holu with a festival guest
2018 Waikīkī Steel Guitar Festival
Hands-On Experience
Mark Gaponoff with a festval guest
2019 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival at Windward Mall
pc-Don Touchi
Hands-On Experience
Claude Kutaka with a festival guest
2022 Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival at Kahala Mall
pc-Don Rostow

If you are interested in learning how to play the Hawaiian steel guitar, learning resources will be available at the hands-on desk. If you're curious about what you might need to get started, information is available here.

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