Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Open Stage

Friday's Open Stage featured Maui group Kuikawa who just released their first CD. The Saturday Open Stage featured steel guitarist Joel Katz with Greg DiPiazza and members of Ke Kula Mele Hawai‘i Makua and NextGen musicians. Greg and Joel's CD "From The Island Of Maui" is a 2019 Na Hoku Hanohano EP Album of the Year finalist.

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  • Maui group Kuikawa. Video capture-Huana Productions.
  • James ''Koakane'' Mattos. Video capture-Huana Productions.
  • Bass player Lukela Kanae. Video capture-Huana Productions.
  • Steel guitarist Joel Katz.
  • Guitarist Greg DiPiazza. Greg's and Joel's CD ''From The Island of Maui'' is a 2019 Na Hoko Hanohano finalist in the EP Release of the Year.
  • Drummer James Somera.
  • Bass guitarist Barney Cortinez.
  • Greg DiPiazza.
  • Joel Katz.
  • Barnet Cortinez.
  • Joel, James, Greg, and Barney.
  • Sound engineer David Nakamura.
  • A festival guest trying out the steel at the festival's hands-on opportunity table.
  • Open stage emcee Addison Ching.
  • Ke Kula Mele Hawaiʻi Kumu Alan Akaka with Shirley Holu, Ethan Goore, and Tai Misailidis.
  • Shirley, Ethan, Kumu Alan, and Tai.
  • Addison Ching, Joey Misailidis, Larry Holu, and Pono Fernandez.
  • Addison and Larry play a steel guitar duet of ʻʻKuuʻipo Ika Heʻe Puʻe One accompanied by Joey and Pono on ʻukulele.
  • Ke Kula Mele Hawaiʻi Makua and Next Generation. Addison, Joey, Pono, Larry, Ethan, Shirley, Kumu Alan, and Tai.
  • A modest audience enjoyed the Ke Kula Mele performance.
  • Shirley Holu.
  • Karen and Natan Goore.
  • Pono Fernandez on the steel guitar, backed up by the Ke Kula Mele ensemble.
  • Addison, Joey, Pono, Ethan, Kumu Alan, and Tai.

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