Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Saturday Kanikapila

The Saturday kanikapila was held at Pi Artisan Pizzeria at the Outlets of Maui after the conclusion of the main evening program.

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  • Kanikapila participants Natan Goore and NextGen steel guitarists Ethan Goore, Pono Fernandez and Joey Misailidis.
  • Pono, Joey, Tai Misailidis, and Bobby Ingano entertain kanikapila guests.
  • Karen Goore, Alan Akaka, Kapono Lopes, and Jake Fernandez. Greg Sardinha enjoying his pizza at the bar.
  • SooJean Misailidis, Bobby INgano, Carmel Lay, Karen Goore, and Alan Akaka.
  • Natan, Ethan, Pono, Joey, Tai, Bobby,and Carmel.

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