Maui Steel Guitar Festival


Steel guitarist Geri Validriz presented an exhibit of vintage steel guitars from his personal collection at the Story of Hawaii museum located at the Outlets of Maui. The exhibit was presented in the days leading up to the 2019 Maui Hawaiian Steel Guitar Festival at the Outlets of Maui.

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  • 1950 Limited edition Harmony Golden Jubilee produced for Sears, Roebuck & Co.
  • 1946 Rickenbacher ʻʻPandaʻʻ bakelite steel guitar with an external body tailpiece.
  • 1934 Rickenbacher A-22 ʻʻFrying Panʻʻ Electro steel guitar.
  • 1955 Rickenbacher A-25 Frying Pan lap steel guitar.
  • Oahu Tonemaster, circa 1940.
  • 1935 National cast steel guitar.
  • Magnatone Maestro 8-string triple neck console steel guitar, circa 1950.
  • Canopus Dual-8 console.
  • Electromatic by Gretsch Model 2700, circa 1970.
  • A display of vacuum tube amplifiers, tone bars, and other memorabilia.
  • Weissenborn-style acoustic steel guitar.
  • National tri-cone Resophonic square-neck steel guitar. Tri-cone refers to the three paper cones embedded in the guitar body to amplify the guitarʻs sound.

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