Maui Steel Guitar Festival
Troy Brenningmeyer

Troy Brenningmeyer

Troy Brenningmeyer is best known for his "Lessons With Troy" series of online tutorials about guitar instruction. His lessons cover lap and pedal steel guitars, Dobro, and Weissenborn guitars. Lessons With Troy was founded in 2008 and since then Troy has posted almost 400 YouTube instructional videos and 300 online lessons.

Troy began his interest in the guitar at an early age, influenced by his brother. In high school he admired finger-style guitarists and eventually got into jazz. He studied music in junior college and received a degree in Jazz Guitar from Southern Illinois University.

He made the transition to Dobro in 2007 when he saw a used Dobro on the wall of a acoustic music store in St. Louis. He had no clue about its tuning or how to use the finger picks but was intrigued by the sound of sliding one note while another open note was ringing. He practiced "that thing" every day and would play along with Jerry Douglas albums.

He started a Hawaiian band called "St. Luau." He lived close to and gigged in St. Louis and wanted his band's bane to be St. Louis-inspired. He plays an Asher 8-string lap steel with the C13 tuning that Alan Akaka taught him.

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