Maui Steel Guitar Festival
Yokohama Hawaiian Music Academy Band

Yokohama Hawaiian Music Academy Band

The Yokohama Hawaiian Music Academy (YMHA) is a school of aspiring musicians interested in Hawaiian music. The academy comprises nine steel guitar students, 2 guitar students, 4 bass students, and over 100 'ukulele students. The academy is under the direction of Tadashi Arakawa.

A select group of YHMA students will perform at the Maui Steel Guitar Festival. The YHMA Band includes 2 steel guitarists, 1 guitarist, one bass player, and 14 'ukulele players. Four of the YHMA group will perform separately as Anegogumi.

This picture was taken at the Steel Guitar Renaissance in 2017 in Yokohama, Japan. This annual event, similar to the Maui Guitar Festival, celebrates the Hawaiian steel guitar and is presented each year in or around April. The 10th annual steel guitar Renaissance will be presented this year on April 8, a week before the Maui festival.

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