Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Queen Ka'ahamanu Center 2

Photos of Sunday festival activities at Kahului's Queen Ka'ahamanu Center.

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  • Alan Akaka and Joey Misailidis.
  • Addison Ching.
  • Next Generation steel guitarists Pono Fernandez and Mālie Lyman.
  • Festival guest and photographer Julie Hendriks.
  • Alan Akaka and The Islanders with Bobby Ingano.
  • Wailani Farm.
  • Daniel Tremblay watches while a festival guest tries out the steel guitar.
  • Bobby Ingano.
  • The Bobby Ingano Trio with Greg Sardinha.
  • Festival guests danced to the music.
  • Patti Maxine with Kaipo and Adam Asing.
  • Patti Maxine with Adam Asing.
  • Kathy Collins dances with a festival guest.
  • Greg Sardinha.
  • Greg Sardinha with Kaipo and Adam Asing.
  • Daniel Tremblay discusses the steel guitar with another festival guest.
  • Talented Alexis Tolentino also danced the hula.
  • Alexis Tolentino.
  • This festival guest danced in her chair throughout the festival performances.
  • Patti Maxine.
  • The festival finale, with Kathy Collins, Alan Akaka, Patti Maxine, Kaipo Asing, Greg Sardinha, Addison Ching, Bobby Ingano, Alexis Tolentino, and Adam Asing.
  • 1050The traditional Hawaiʻi Aloha, with Kathy Collins, Alan Akaka, Patti Maxine, Kaipo Asing,Addison Ching, Pono Fernandez, Greg Sardinha, Tai and Joey Misailidis, Bobby Ingano, Jake Fernandez, Alexis Tolentino, Mālie Lyman, and Adam Asing.
  • BIrdʻs eye view of the stage and audience.

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