Maui Steel Guitar Festival
Tetsuya Ishiyama

Tetsuya Ishiyama

Tetsuya Ishiyama has been a member of "Shiraishi Makoto and his Na Lei o Hawaiians", a traditional Japanese Hawaiian, band since 2003. He is in charge of a side steel guitar and rhythm guitar in that band performing at many concerts and recorded several CDs, mainly in Japan.

Ishiyama was strongly influenced by Makoto Shiraishi, a pioneer of steel guitar in Japan. This influence is what started him on playing the steel guitar. Ishiyama learned the Hawaiian way of playing the steel guitar from Alan Akaka, and learned music theory and jazz improvisation playing from Kiyoshi "Lion" Kobayashi.

His Hawaiian steel guitar heros are Jules Ah See, Dick McIntire, Jerry Byrd, Barney Isaacs, and Alan Akaka. Ishiyama now plays many traditional Hawaiian songs incorporating the styles of these masters.

Ishiyama teaches the Ukulele and the Hawaiian steel guitar at the Shiraishi Makoto Music Society. As a member of Akaka Club, Ishiyama supports the Alan Akaka Japan Tour, which helps to popularize Hawaiian steel guitar music in Japan.

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