Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Open Stage - Other Hawaiian Music Schools

Students from three other Hawaiian Music Schools that include the Hawaiian steel guitar in their instruction program performed on the open stage. Lion and his SG Ensemble from Tokyo, Japan, Tadashi Arakawa's Yokohama Hawaiian Music Band from Yokohama, Japan, and Joel Katz' students from his University of Hawaii-Maui College steel guitar class performed at various times on Friday and Saturday. Some of Joel Katz' students also attended the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Camp that preceded the festival.

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  • Sensei Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi.
  • Lion and his SG Ensemble.
  • From left: Mr. Norio Usui, Mr. Nobuo Numata, Mrs. Yoko Tanaka, Mr. Toshitake Okano ('ukukeke), Lion Kobayashi, Mrs. Masako Wakamatsu (steel guitar and 'ukulele), Mrs. Kayoko Iwade, Mr. Yukio Kubo, and Mr. Masahiko Ibamoto.
  • Mrs. Masako Wakamatsu.
  • Mr. Yukio Kubo lives in Osaka, Japan, and takes lessons from Sensei Kobayashi vis Skype.
  • Sensei Tadashi Arakawa.
  • The Yokohama Hawaiian Music Band. From left: Tetsuro Kanai, Yuko Sogabe, Hiroko Tanaka (bass), Osamu Makimoto, Mieko Tamamura, Setsuko Kawano (guitar), Yoshiko Seo on steel guitar, Takeshi Ito, and Tadashi Arakawa.
  • Tadashi Arakawa.
  • From left: Mieko Tamamura ('ukulele), Setsuko Kawano (guitar), Yoshiko Seo (steel guitar), and Takeshi Ito ('ukulele).
  • The Yokohama Hawaiian Music Band.
  • Instructor Joel Katz.
  • Members of the University of Hawaii-Maui College steel guitar class. From left: Joel Katz, Glenn Foster, Dennis Singer, Patti Kuwaye, Elaine Olson, Tom Pollard, and Jonathan Drechsler.
  • Dennis Singer and Tom Pollard.
  • Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi.
  • Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi.
  • Lion and his SG Ensemble.

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