Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Open Stage - Coco Music Society

The Coco Music Society from Tokyo Japan performed on Friday's open stage. The group was led by steel guitarist Tetsuya Ishiyama (who also performed in Friday's Ho'olaule'a program) and included steel guitarist Makoto Shiraishi, musicians, singers, and dancers. The Society also gave an encore performance during Saturday's open stage program.

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  • The Coco Music Society from Tokyo, Japan, appeared on the open stage.
  • Makoto Shiraishi was the group's steel gutarist. Steel guitarist Tetsuya Ishiyama (right, on guitar,) led the group.
  • Makoto Shiraishi.
  • Tetsuya Ishiyama. Kaori Saito is in the background.
  • Naoko Sato was one of the group's hula dancers.
  • Yoko Ishii also danced the hula
  • Naoko Sato and Yoko Ishii..
  • Yoko Ishii.
  • Kazuko Okubo, Yuka Tachibana, Mitsuko Inami, and Riho Konoe sang and played 'ukelele.
  • Makoto Shiraishi played the steel guitar as Mayumi Kaneko sang ''Plneapple Princess.''
  • Makoto Shiraishi and Mayumi Kaneko.
  • Mayumi Kaneko.
  • Mayumi Kaneko.
  • Hula dancer Kaori Saito.
  • Naoko Sato.
  • Hula dancer Hanae Kurumada.
  • Hanae Kurumada and Yoko Ishii.
  • Hanae Kurumada.
  • Yoko Ishi.
  • Naoko Saito, Kaori Saito, and Hanae Kurumada dance with Puili (split bamboo sticks) as Makoto Shiraishi plays the steel guitar
  • The Coco Music Sociery.

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