Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Open Stage - Individual Performers

Steel guitar players from several U.S. states, New Zealand, and Japan performed on the Open Stage.

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  • Ron Carter with Doug Brooks and Jim McKay.
  • Ron Carter from New Zealand.
  • Ron Carter.
  • Ron Carter.
  • Chuck Hughes from Denver, Colorado.
  • Chuck Hughes.
  • Chuck Hughes.
  • Kumiko Kakiuchi and Shinichi Kakiuchi from Fujimino, Saitama Prefecture, Japan with Larry Holu on bass.
  • Shinichi Kakiuchi.
  • Larry Holu.
  • Kumiko Kakiuchi.
  • Jim McKay from New Zealand with Ngaraina and Doug Brooks.
  • Jim McKay.
  • Ngaraina Brooks.
  • Duane Becker from Spokane, Washington with Joel Johnston and Larry Holu.
  • Duane Becker.
  • Larry Holu.
  • Joel Johnston.
  • Ralph Czitrom from Ringwood, New Jersey.
  • Ralph Czitrom.
  • Ralph Czitrom.
  • Dave ''DK'' Kolars from Illinois with Alan Akaka and Larry Holu.
  • Larry Holu.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Alan Akaka, Dave ''DK'' Kolars, and Larry Holu.
  • Dave ''DK'' Kolars playing a Weissenborn-type steel guitar he designed and built.
  • Jack Aldrich with Alan Akaka and Larry Holu.
  • Jack Aldrich from Seattle, Washington.
  • Alexis Tolentino with Ronald Tolentino and Alan Akaka.
  • Ronald Tolentino, Alexis Tolentino, and Alan Akaka.
  • Alexis Tolentino.
  • Ronald Tolentino.

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