Maui Steel Guitar Festival


A vintage steel guitar exhibit was presented by steel guitarist Geronimo "Geri" Valdriz and included instruments from his personal collection.

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  • Bryant Neal of AECG displays a framed poster from his graphics collection
  • A vintage Fender Deluxe 6-string steel guitar, circa 1954.
  • A vintage Gretsch Electromatic lap steel guitar, circa 1953.
  • Epiphone Model M lap steel guitar, circa 1958.
  • 1946 Kiesel bakelite lap steel guitar from the L. C. (Lowell) Kiesel Company.
  • A Rickenbacher A-25 Frying Pan 25'' scale lap steel guitar from 1934.
  • Rickenbacher Silver Hawaiian lap steel guitar, circa 1937.
  • Rickenbacher S/NS lap steel guitar, circa 1948.

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