Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Behind the Scenes 2

Photographs of musicians, staff, other personnel, places and things connected with the festival production.

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  • Festival coordinator Addison Ching, Ke Kula Mele Hawaii staff volunteer Dave Kolars, and Sandy Sardinha. Addison and Dave are Ke Kula Mele Hawaii steel guitar students.
  • Steel guitarists Alexis Tolentino and Owana Salazar share stories as emcee Kathy Collins looks over her notes.
  • Featured steel guitarist Patti Maxine with Alexis Tolentino.
  • Festival producer and featured steel guitarist Alan Akaka.
  • Patti Maxine and Kaipo Asing.
  • Ke Kula Mele Hawaii staff volunteer and steel guitar student Jack Aldrich with Gary Aiko.
  • Gary Aiko with Kalena Foster.
  • Silent auction coordinator Amy Fonarow watches as a festival guest reviews auction items.
  • Alan Akaka and Andrea Tolentino model festival t-shirts with featured steel guitarist Ross Ka'a'a.
  •'s Michael Scott and Lana Rosselli live-streaming the festival over the Internet.
  • Patti Maxine and Andrea Tolentino.
  • Featured steel guitarists Bobby Ingano and Ed Punua chat with Nardeen ''Polei'' Palmeira. She and her husband Wally Palmeira (1933-2014) are longtime musicians.
  • Polei Palmeira, Bobby Ingano, and Ed Punua.
  • The Punua 'Ohana. From left: Victor, Leimomi, and Lilikalani Punua, Polei Palmeira, Vanessa and Ed Punua.
  • Steel guitarist Lilikalani Punua and dancer Leimomi Punua.
  • Victor and Ed Punua with Bobby Ingano.
  • Senator and Mrs. Akaka with Polei Palmeira.
  • La'amea Paleka, Gigi Takaki and Kaipo Asing.
  • Patti Maxine with Andrea and Alexis Tolentino.
  • Mālie with mom Pomaika'i Lyman.
  • Next Gen steel guitarists Mālie Lyman and Alexis Tolentino with Patti Maxine.
  • Patti Maxine with Andrea Tolentino.
  • Ke Kula Mele Hawaii staff volunteer and steel guitar student Pūloku Hayes.
  • Addison Ching, Jack Aldrich and Bobby Ingano.
  • The silent auction items included dinner and attraction admissions, artwork, musical instruments, and jewelry, with all proceeds going towards festival support.
  • Sound engineer David Namakura doing a ''thumbs up'' job.

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