Maui Steel Guitar Festival
Joerg Schubert

Joerg Schubert (Hagen, Germany)

As a young man, Joerg started playing rock and country music as a bass player. Six years ago he started playing a pedal steel guitar using the E9th Nashville tuning. A year later, Joerg switched to an 8-string console steel using 6th tunings and started taking Skype lessons from friend and mentor Basil Henriques (UK). Basil was instrumental in introducing Joerg to Hawaiian music. Joerg also received Skype training from John Ely (US) and befriended Germany's best Hawaiian steel guitar player, Frank "Palani" Baum who provided Jeorg with many excellent steel guitar arrangements. Frank also provided playing advice to Jeorg.

Jeorg considers himself a "beginning" amateur player and is having the fun of his life with the steel guitar, playing Hawaiian music in rainy Germany. Jeorg also collects vintage and modern steel guitars.

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