Maui Steel Guitar Festival
Kanika Pila

Kanika Pila (Yokohama, Japan)

Kanika Pila is well-known as a Hawaiian music band that plays traditional Hawaiian music, especially in Yokohama, Japan. Members of the group are Yoshiyuki Endo on Steel Guitar, Tadashi Arakawa on Ukulele/Guitar and Yoshiaki Ohta (group leader) on bass.

Each member of the group has played Hawaiian music for over 50 years, starting out at a very young age. To this day, the group performs at concerts and live shows that are held periodically in Yokohama and other Japanese venues.

They fully support the annual Steel Guitar Renaissance (festival) held in Yokohama since 2009. Every year 14 to 16 Steel Guitar players and/or their groups participate in this festival. Last year's festival was held during the same weekend as the Maui Steel Guitar Festival. This year, the 6th annual Steel Guitar Renaissance will be held on April 20, right after this year's Maui Steel Guiitar Festival.

They also manage a Hawaiian music school called Yokohama Ukulele Academy. The school currently has over one hundred students studying and enjoying Hawaiian music, 'Ukulele, Guitar, Bass and Steel Guitar.

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