Maui Steel Guitar Festival


Workshops included steel guitar presentations as well as cultural workshops on lei making, Maori carving, and 'ukulele instruction.

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  • Steel Guitar 101 with Alan Akaka.
  • Steel Guitar 101.
  • Lei Making workshop conducted by Vanessa Punua.
  • Lei Making workshop.
  • More lei making.
  • Special needles are used when stringing lei.
  • Greg Sardinha conducted a workshop on Recording Techniques.
  • Recording Techniques workshop.
  • The Recording Techniques was well-attended.
  • Bobby Ingano conducted a workshop about Playing in the ''Nahenahe'' Style.
  • Blobby explains the ''nahenahe'' technique.
  • Bobby checks a workshop participant's steel guitar.
  • Nahenahe style workshop.
  • Bobby demonstrates his technique to workshop participants.
  • Playing in the ''nahenahe'' style.
  • Alan Akaka, Pūloku Hayes, and Nathan Pettigrew, clinician for the Maori Carving workshop.
  • Maori Carving with Nathan Pettigrew.
  • Alan Akaka, Pūloku Hayes, and Nathan Pettigrew.
  • 'Ukulele workshop by Mele Fong. Photo by Alan Akaka.

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