Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Saturday Ho'olaule'a 1

The Saturday evening Ho'olaule'a was well-attended with standing room only in the hotel's outdoor stage and Tiki Terrace restaurant areas. Program emcee was Maui DJ Alaka'i.

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  • Ho'olaule'a emcee Alaka'i.
  • Alaka'i took photos and posted them to Facebook when she wasn't on stage.
  • Greg Sardinha, backed up by Hot Club of Hulaville members Duane Padilla and Sonny Silva, and Kaipo Asing.
  • Duane Padilla.
  • Duane Padilla.
  • Sonny Silva.
  • Featured artist Greg Sardinha.
  • Featured artist Ross Ka'a'a with Shane Akoni Dellomes and Brandon Hirata.
  • Playing technique of Ross Ka'a'a.
  • Ross Ka'a'a and Brandon Hirata.
  • Shane Akoni Dellomes, Ross Ka'a'a, and Brandon Hirata.
  • Ross Ka'a'a.
  • Shane Akoni Dellomes.
  • Brandon Hirata.
  • Shane Akoni Dellomes.
  • Featured artist Geronimo ''Geri'' Valdriz.
  • Geri Valdriz.
  • Geri Valdriz and Kaipo Asing.
  • Geri Valdriz.
  • Leimomi Bacalso-Murray danced hula for Geri.
  • Leimomi Bacalso-Murray.
  • Geri Valdriz and Kaipo Asing.
  • Geri Valdriz.

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