Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Friday Evening Kanikapila

Featured performers joined other festival musicians and festival attendees in an old-fashioned backyard jam session. The kanikapila was filled with others just coming to see and hear the impromptu performances which also included vocal and hula selections.

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  • Friday Kanikapila participants included featured players and festival attendees.
  • Kanikapila participants included professional and non-professional players of all ages.
  • Players hooked up to the multichannel sound board or used their own mini amps.
  • Jack Aldrich from Seattle.
  • Wainani Kealoha.
  • Duane Padilla.
  • Bobby Ingano.
  • Many came to hear and enjoy the music.
  • Wainani Kealoha dances with Bobby Ingano, Joel Katz and Dave ''DK'' Kolars playing.

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