Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Steel Guitar Exhibit

Geri Valdriz presented a display of vintage and contemporary lap steel guitars from his collection. Also on display were some steel guitars from Joel Katz.

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  • Some of the vintage steel guitars on display.
  • 1937 Rickenbacher Model NS 100 Silver Hawaiian Steel Guitar with Geri Valdriz in the background.
  • NS 100 Fact Sheet.
  • Silver Hawaiian headstock.
  • Silver Hawaiian horseshoe pickup and neck.
  • 1935 Rickenbacher Fry Pan Model A-22 6-string.
  • A-22 Fact Sheet.
  • 1940 Richenbacher Bakelite Model B6 ''Panda.''
  • Model B6 Fact Sheet.
  • Model B6 Panda headstock.
  • Model B6 Horseshoe Pickup.
  • 1937 Rickenbacher Student Model 59.
  • Model 59 Fact Sheet.
  • Model 59 headstock.
  • 1940 Gibson Electric Hawaiian Model EH-185.
  • EH-185 Fact Sheet.
  • EH-185 Tuner Head.
  • 1950 Magnatone Aloha.
  • Magnatone Aloha Fact Sheet.
  • Magnatone Aloha Headstock.
  • 1998 Bear Creek Guitar Weissenborn Style.
  • Bear Creek Weissenborn Fact Sheet.
  • 2003 National Resophonic Tricone Style 1.
  • National Resophonic Tricone Fact Sheet.
  • National Resophonic headstock.
  • National Resophonic Tricone Bridge.
  • The steel guitar display was from Geri Valdriz's collection.
  • Don Mitsuyuki assisted Geri Valdriz with the steel guitar display.
  • Also on display were steel guitars from Joel Katz' collection.
  • Fender Stringmaster headstock.
  • Fender Dual Stringmaster headstock.
  • Fender Dual Stringmaster pickups and neck.
  • A Guyatone steel from Japan.

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