Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Behind the Scenes 2

Photographs of musicians, staff, other personnel, places and things connected with the festival production.

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  • Michiko and Alan Akaka.
  • Kaipo and Dinah Napua Asing
  • Bobby Ingano and Michiko Akaka.
  • Andrea Tolentino and Duane Padilla.
  • Gary Aiko and Kaipo Asing.
  • Ed Punua, Leimomi Bacalso-Murray, and Vanessa Punua.
  • Andrea Tolentino and Next Gen steel guitarist Alexis Tolentino.
  • Derrick Mau, Jamie O'Connell, Dave ''DK'' Kolars, and Addison Ching
  • Carmel Lay and Derrick Mau.
  • Carmel Lay and Cindee Burkitt.
  • Bobby Ingano and Dave ''DK'' Kolars.
  • Bobby Ingano.
  • Addison Ching Bass Transportation, LLC.
  • Sound engineer David Nakamura and videographer Ronald Tolentino.
  • Sonny Silva in a fine tuning moment.
  • Kaipo Asing.
  • Steel guitarist Derrick Mau.
  • Ronald Tolentino taking a break between video shoots.
  • Bobby Ingano and Jamie O'Connell.
  • Ross Ka'a'a, Sonny Silva, Greg Sardinha, and Duane Padilla.
  • Featured steel guitarists Ross Ka'a'a and Greg Sardinha.
  • Leimomi Bacalso-Murray, Alan Akaka, and evening program emcee Alaka'i Paleka.

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Photography by Colleen Ricci ©2013 by Colleen Ricci and HIMELE.

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