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Next Generation Steel Guitarist Keen Ching

Keen Ching Keen, 16 and a junior at Punahou High School, started in music at age 7 with the piano. He was drawn to the steel guitar, because of its sound, after hearing it on a television show featuring Hawaiian music. After two years, Keen finally persuaded his dad to get him a steel guitar.
Accoding to Keen's dad, it has been Kumu Alan Akaka who has made Keen's dream a reality. Over the past 4 years Kumu has imparted upon Keen the ability to make that instrument produce the sounds he heard on the television show.
Through Ke Kula Mele and his Creative Music Studio class at school Keen continues to pursue learning music and what goes in to creating music. He really enjoys the chances he has gotten through Ke Kula Mele to showcase and share his musical abilities at various events.
Keen challenges himself to pursue excellence not only musically but also spiritually, academically, athletically and by having fun. He belongs to the youth group at his church and actively volunteers his service to the church. Academically he constantly pushes himself to assimilate as much information he can from his classes. He has participated with many clubs in co-curricular activities. This year he seems to be focusing his attention to the speech and debate teams for his school. Athletically he is an integral part of club and school teams in bowling and track and field. For fun he pursues mastering the art of the yoyo and the latest electronic games.